Case Study: Berger Hardware Inc.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to break down and categorize the content and products in a way that a website visitor could understand it.

The Approach:

After much discussion with the employees, vendors and customers, it was decided to use the categories of Kitchen, Bathroom, and Hardware. Berger Hardware also wanted to feature the Barn Doors, a new product in their line. Images were provided from Berger Hardware’s vendors, enabling us to show customers examples of the items Berger sells.

The Client:

Communication with the client was smooth and on the point about the purpose of this beautiful website.  The uniqueness of “custom made hardware” sold by Berger shows immediately to the website visitor.

The End Result:

After a month of the redesigned website being live, Berger Hardware reported a 20% increase of website visits, and a staggering 125% increase of the time spent on the website. Overall their sales showed a 5% increase.



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