It’s a Pleasure to Meet You

How I Started My Website Design Business

My extensive experience in website design and graphic art started 29 years ago. Hello, my name is Michel Hales, and I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree which I completed in 1992. I founded my business “Ideally Digital” on one essential idea.

To create digital designs that convert to new customers. Learning from what works and my intimate dedication to my clients grow my business. Every single design project that I work on serves one purpose; to create results. Once I start working on your digital art projects, functionality and beauty come together on my computer screen.

As an elaborate designer, I keep a close eye on the specific purpose of my work. Because I will find solutions to bring your dreams to reality I will hold onto ideas with a strong grip. You are in business to make money and I create your digital art to make that happen!

My Mission In Website Design

I love art, and I love the creative process. My mission is twofold. First, to create a website design for you that inspires and converts your visitors to buyers. Second, to be part of your success. The website I am creating for you is your real-life calling card and a true description of your business that you are dedicated to run successfully.

My Business Philosophy

My philosophy is simple. I stay curious during our work together. The more I know about your business and your burning desire to succeed the better my art for your design develops. I take your brand and intimately develop your graphic design with your message to your future customers in mind. I create beautiful web designs powered by your inspiration. My method reflects on all my work. Check it out HERE.


“Michel’s ability to create great advertising and page layouts quickly and at a moments notice is what initially impressed me when I became her supervisor at Dex One. She has a very high technical IQ and is always interested in learning new methods to maintain an advanced proficiency in Illustrator, Photoshop and the Microsoft Office Suite. She is well organized and a team player always willing to provide support to her colleagues. I can highly recommend Michel as a graphic designer and believe that she would be a welcomed addition to any organization.”

DRAKE BERGESON, Reed Brennan Media Associates, FL
client satisfaction

“Michel is an excellent graphic artist and does a great job creating content filled ads with effective layouts that will produce results for the businesses they represent. She also goes above and beyond her job duties, helping me on several projects that aren’t always within her job description. Michel is a great team player and an asset to our office and company.”

DAVE OLESCZUK, Fit Body Boot Camp, NV
client satisfaction

“Michel is very passionate when it comes to exceeding customer’s expectations. She listens to the customers needs and is able to take that information and provide a quality product that generates new customers and excites existing customers.”

CEDRIC G. HOUSTON, C&E Distribution, LLC (Real Time Pain Relief)