Case Study: Anita Saldana

The Need:

The client needed a website facelift, which would increase visitors to contact her for booking, spend more time on her website and signed up for her lead capture gift.

The Solution:

I provided a plan to redesign the website, matched colors, fonts and images for maximum brand recognition throughout the web. Designed lead capture to increase free gift sign-ups.

The Benefit:

The solution supported my client’s ultimate outcome to increase her revenue and brand recognition.

The End Result: Client Achieved 100% Increase in Customers Calls
A complete website redesign helped my client to increase her customers’ interaction.

Anita Saldana is providing hypnosis and NLP services. Her website was outdated with colors she didn’t like, broken links and insufficient lead generator. Consequently, she wasn’t getting bookings from her website; she was frustrated and wanted to have a fresh look with more customer interactions and more clicks. With this outdated and not user-friendly website her business started to decline.

Preparing a Plan for Instant Improvement:

To work with the client efficiently I interviewed her about her business to find out the theme, look and functionality of her redesigned website. Also, I created a branding page for her with font styles and an overall look and feel which created excitement for my client about new possibilities.

Next, I redesigned her lead capturing to create maximum results. Finally, I added all social media connections and finished the branding with headers, fonts and images matching her new identity branding.


The client reported back after one month that she had a 100% increase of client’s signing up and contacting her on her website. Also, she had 125% increase on time spent on her website by her visitors.



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